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Kayla Cherry
United States
Favourite genre of music: Almost anything.. as long as I like it xD but mostly dubstep, techno, and certain types of rock
Favourite style of art: Any; mostly anime
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to list. XP
Personal Quote: Derp mcmuffin.

Just call me Kayla. :]

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Decided to do this since I havent entered somethin for like a year xD Anyways, here we go.

Fighter not Lover meme

1. Your OC can't touch the interviewer for whatever reason you choose.
2. You may use multiple OCs but it was created with the idea of one OC.
3. This was created for those who have killed. If they haven't killed, get out.
4. Made to test the reactions of OCs, sorry for being so damn impolite! I really am D:
7. You don't need to tag, that question may be used for extra SASS from your OC towards the most charming interviewer. xP

1. Hey, what's your name?
Sai Shibuya

2. How old are you?
.. Why do you want to know so badly?

3. And your gender?

4. Fine. What are/were your parents like?

My mom was a son-of-a bitch that almost sent me to my deathbed. However, my dad is the most awesome dad one could get.

5. We all need someone to watch our back, is there anyone to take care of you? 
There sure is. c:

6. I see...In your opinion, are you a lover or a fighter? Don't say both.

I think I'm more a lover because I try to keep the peace. I hate fighting with others for whatever reason. 

7. And what do you think people view you as? It depends on the people, really.

I'm guessing they view me as a weird crazy thief that loves to cook..

8. Talking of lovers, have you got a girl/boyfriend?
Boyfriend. Not into girls, man.

9. If not, why not? Do you think it's your fault or do you think it's their loss?

Well, I just got done telling you I was dating someone, so therefore, this question doesn't apply to me. 

10. If you do, what are they like?
Hm... well, they are a sweetheart but sometimes things can get a bit... crazy. xD Sometimes, they think I'm cute and I'm just like... "uh no." 

11. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Describe your life in one word.
My life in one word? Crazy.

12. Do you have a goal in life? In love?

My goal is to be able to help people and protect my loved ones. That and I want to be able to own a huge garden. 

13. Ever wanna have kids?
Sure would, two boys. 

14. How would you like to die?
... I'm not going to die anytime soon, man. And I'm not explaining why. But if I had to choose, I would want it to be something painless, or something quick. 

15. I'm sure we can arrange it for you soon. What's your favourite weapon?
Um... either a gun or a sword. 

16. Where do you live?
Azumano, Japan.

17. Sounds awful, how do you manage to live in such a dump?
It's not a dump at all, in fact I love the place.

18. What's...what's that smell?
What smell? You mean the strawberries or my cologne?

19. It's you. You stink! When was the last time you showered exactly?
I just showered yesterday... 

20. Mhm yeah it shows. ¬_¬

Oh, cmon, don't be so butthurt.

21. Do you have a theme tune, do you think? Perhaps one your creator found for you?
I guess? I really haven't looked into it yet...

22. Do you like it?
I'm betting it's a very interesting song if I do have a theme tune.

23. How do you feel about your creator (don't forget they selected this interview for you)?

Hm, I really have no idea, she's an alright gal I guess.

24. Ever killed anyone?

25. Thought as much. I'm impressed. Ever killed a family member? Why?
U-um, no... unless Xavier killing my mom counts?

26. A friend? Why?
would never kill any of my friends, ever. I would rather kill myself first.

27. A lover? Why? .
.... Hell no, just no... Why are you asking these for..? 

28. A cop or other law enforcer? Yu-huh, I'm not sure I need to ask why here.
Yup, a cop before when they threatened my life.

29. And how about yourself? I mean, have you ever considered ending your life? Other than the obvious stupidly pathetic life you lead bringing you down, what else made you consider?

Yes, I have considered ending my life before. It was back when I was about 14 or 15. I had so much emotional trauma back then, and a bunch of health issues, such as heart issues. Another thing that made me consider was everything going on. I felt alone.

30. And who/what stopped you?
Well.. Xavier for one along with a persistent grape head that really gave me a lecture. In fact, he encountered one of my suicide attempts. After that, I was never allowed to be by myself, ever.

31. If you had killed yourself, would anyone have felt bad about it? Friends, acquaintances, family, lovers?

Yes, because people care deeply about me, and no I am not being egotistical. I know they would miss me because I made a big impact on a lot of people.

32. And I suppose you're glad you didn't?
Sure am.

33. Yes, well great. I'd love to say it's been a pleasure talking to you but it really wasn't.

And why was that? Not that I necessarily care.

34. You gonna tag any more people to do this so they can feel your pain?

35. Whatever. See ya later (though I really hope not).

Link to interview:…

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