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Kayla Cherry
United States
Favourite genre of music: Almost anything.. as long as I like it xD but mostly dubstep, techno, and certain types of rock
Favourite style of art: Any; mostly anime
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to list. XP
Personal Quote: Derp mcmuffin.

Just call me Kayla. :]

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Ok... so I was out walking today with my best buddy in real life after we ate at McDonalds... so I had a REAL good day, ok, a so very great day till I saw what I did when walking to the store that was on the other side of town... right there was a cat laying on its paws in the middle of the road just a bit away... my buddy shouted "Cat!" ran to it, I thought the kitty was doing just fine... even though we saw a van go around it, I thought it was gonna move cuz I thought the van was going to hit it, but it did not move and the van went around it... I was walking slow, then eventually my friend stopped when I got closer and tried to make me look the other way.. I was confused at first and didnt know why he was trying to make me look away.. then I eventually found out.. I had a chance to finally see the cat... I saw red stuff on its precious face/jaw... then on the road and freaked.. the van had stopped, the person got out and I think was calling for help.. .but I was not sure.. eventually my friend had to get me to get moving... I know I shouldn't be sad over seeing a dying animal, but I can't help it... I'm just not used to it, I guess... I felt bad cause I couldn't help the poor, cute cat. :( I'm sorry for the rant... but whoever did that damage to that cat today... is just cruel... Some humans can be so cruel to animals anyway... they dunno that animals have feelings, too....

Why do I have to be so sad cause of this? My body was in shock and now I feel all sick and shaky.. Why did I have to end up walking down that same street with the cat suffering... I couldnt.... help it, I just knew I couldnt anyway... I knew it was gonna prolly end up dying anyway..

I digress, I am sorry, everyone, for the sudden sadness.... I just can't bare seeing a cat die a slow, painful death! :(

I just had to vent.... Just remembering how cute that cat was hurts me.. to know that such a cute, beautiful creature had to die such a slow death.....

I am dreadfully sorry for the rant.... I should get over it, but its way harder than you think... to just see animals suffer... To have to walk down a sidewalk... and see a cat that was probably hit by a car earlier in the day... and still be alive and just slowly.... suffering to their death... :(

I'm done venting now... I feel a bit better now that I got it off my chest, but I will never forget the day I was going for a walk... and had to see... a suffering cat in the middle of the road...being helpless and unable to move and unable to do anything to survive such a tradegy...

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